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Bob Dutkos apologetics

I love this collection on apologetics.I use this along with the Bible as teaching tools for myself and my children. It brings forth things that are easy to understand and that can be used in conversations with others.I would recommend these cd's to anyone looking for Biblical teachings.I would also recommend listening to Bob on his radio program.

Great topics, Top Ten Proofs is Amazing

Love my set of CD's and MP3. I have the original set but this revised edition is awesome. Just trying to figure out how to share the MP3 in an email to a few skeptical friends. Thanks Bob for all the hard work you put into this. God Bless

Top Ten Proofs - The Complete Set - Revised & Updated

Great info

Thank you Bob. Your starter pack is filled with great information.

Top Ten Proof is one of the BEST apologetics that I have, if not the it is the BEST!!!

I’ve been listening to Bob Dutko’s show for the last nine or ten years. Ever since I found him on the radio I go out of my way to listen to him, it wasn’t easy at first because I lived in Southern California, but then I found the app. He is really GREAT at being used by GOD to help Christians defend themselves against the lies of this world. I learned a lot from Bob and have used what I’ve learned from his show as I witness to others. I have also used what I learned to prove the six day creation and disprove evolution, and a few other topics. There has been a lot of times that I recommend other Christians to listen to his show. I have even called in a few times.
My wife and I homeschool our kids, and in a few years when my kids are older I plan on using the Top Ten Proof to help teach our kids on how to defend themselves when they are faced with the challenges of the worlds lies. I know a lot of kids that are brought up in Christian homes walk away from the church. I believe it is because kids aren’t taught why we Believe the BIBLE or how to defend the BIBLE.
Thank you Bob and staff for all of your research and your wisdom. I pray that GOD blesses you and your family and ministry.

Very good proof of God’s existence

Even though Bob Dutko discusses things like the 1st and 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, he explains in layman’s terms just how impossible it would be for the Heavens, Earth and Humans to have just magically morphed into what we are now. There is without a doubt, a Supreme Creator! The One and Only True God!

Top Ten Proofs - The Complete Set - Revised & Updated


Getting to know Bob Dotko (only from the radio) and buying the Top 10 Proofs is one of the best things I've ever done in life.
I would doit again and again since finding out more about my beloved Creator is very important to me and Bob and his Top 10 Proofs are doing a great job at helping me and others understanding a lot of things about my origin and together with the young earth... and ..yes even a very young universe .

Top Ten Proofs revised

My initial exposure to the revised and upgraded edition has been a blessing. The MP3 and the cassettes arrived before Christmas.

ok, but....

long and drawn out presentation

More than expected

First the order was shipped out immediately and arrived within two days. Second I have already listened to a couple of the proofs and am very impressed by not only the evidence and information but how its presented. Lots to think about.

I got it so darn fast it knocked my socks off. Thanks to Bob I. Can now listen and study to answer sceptics. Thanks Bob, I have been listening to you since you came to WMUZ and think you are a great gift from God. Keep it up Bob and thanks again.
Bob Piec

The Top Ten Proofs - the Complete Set - Revised and Updated (Combo pack)

Absolutely jam-packed with vital information about the various topics. It is what every Christian needs to stand-up for the veracity of the Bible. I’m sure I will listen to it MANY times as I slowly ingest and remember the facts. The sword of the Spirit is the Word of God, and every Christian should be armed with it. Thank you, Bob.

Starter package

Very informative and to the point. Thinking of ordering the complete set.

Awesome proofs

I love the top ten proofs as I deal with so many liberals and nay-sayers. I was finally able to afford them as I don’t make much and they were on sale. I have to order the CD’s because I’m hard of hearing and am unable to hear on MP player. God bless you.

I love them!

I would recommend the complete set to everyone. I am happy with the revised edition and glad I ordered the CD set. It's easier to listen to compared to the mp3 because I can play whichever CD Top Ten Proof I want without trying to find it on my phone. I have both. I love these, and they are helping me learn more. Thank you Bob, for all your hard work and time putting the Top Ten Proofs together and revising them.

Kimberley I.

Top Ten Proofs - The Complete Set - Revised & Updated


I’m enjoying them and hope to retain all the information so I have answers to any questions my family, friends, and coworkers have.


Gives a logical answer to the evolutionary position we were taught in school.
Creation makes more sense than evolution and it is put forth in a way that is easy to understand.

So Amazing To Hear God’s Truth Backed by Scientific Evidence

I really enjoyed this series! It is very understandable and informative, you don’t have to be a science expert to understand. I really enjoyed it!!!

Bob gives verifiable proofs and a lot of them too!


So much great info. Every church should make these teachings part of their middle school education program. Not believing in creation is a core problem in America


This has opened my eyes and increased my faith. Thank you!

Top Ten Proofs - The Complete Set - Revised & Updated