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Using science to defeat science, by non-scientists

Willingness to accept something that suggests some support for an idea is going to succeed when the idea is already enshrined in your understanding.
Sadly, lining up a few emotionally persuasive rationalizations that sound like science always turn to lace when seen in the light of the Created world. Genesis 1:1-3 says two things.
First, God created time, space, matter, and light. Ask a physicist what that means.
Second, the middle verse says that the universe began exactly the way the pagans surrounding Abraham said it did. Here is the elephant in the room - pagan cosmogony has no spiritual weight while pagan theology could be likened to toe jam mixed with belly button lint and give structure by toe nail clippings. The pagan deities were promiscuous, thoughtless, had no foresight, were lazy, and were physically killable. Genesis, in one chapter, erases all of that, including the idea that humanity was created from the blood of a murdered god, plus dust.
Humanity 1.0 was seven breeding pairs. Their job was to assume heavy labor that had been the lot of several lesser gods. Digging irrigation canals, growing grain, and raising livestock was the Human Calling. It supplied grain and meat for sacrificial fires, which was the sustenance of the gods.
The Flood came about because the breeding part was so good that humanity filled the earth. [hear an echo from Genesis?] The gods needed some peace and quiet. There was a precursor to Noah, who had to be harangued until he gave in and built a large circular craft for his family, some seeds, and some livestock.
The gods realized they were about to drown, being shoved up against the underside of the firmament. When the boat landed and its owner disembarked to send up an offering fire, the gods realized they had narrowly escaped self-starvation. The hero's offspring would be held back by disease, plague, and famine.
The Noah account addresses all of those points. Each time, Genesis is like a pearl compared to a sow's ear.
Genesis is theology.
For Genesis to be material fact, consider that Day Two places a forever supply of rain above the firmament while Day Four places the sun, moon, and stars within the firmament. Creation, on the other hand, says that Planet Earth is a ball of iron and lava with a thin crispy crust of continents, and flimsy splashes of water between them. It also says that the moon orbits earth and earth orbits the sun.
Or in other words, Genesis is about the Creator. It ignores material fact in order to present deep spiritual truth to ordinary pre-technical minds, and to Sunday School children.
Genesis is theology. The great tradition of reading it at face value is well and good. Keep on keeping on - but awareness of verses 1 and 3, and the astounding beauty and perfection awaiting those who care to look has to be taken with joy.
Not only that but the unchurched, which the Christian must invite into the embrace of the Lord, know good and well that there is no way for Genesis to describe fact.
Other than verses 1 and 3 - can you see the Spirit's friendly wink at the Age fo Science looking for a way to find God in the r.e.a.l Creation?

Top Ten Proofs - The Complete Set - Revised & Updated

The Complete Set

It is a wonderful set! I like knowing I have all the topics, so when Bob Dutko refers to a different set of proofs, I know I have it already! I'm so glad he compiled these for believers. I know it will help strengthen my faith and help me better share my faith with my son and others.

Age of Earth and Dinasors

Interesting and backed up references thank you!

awesome information

I absolutely love this series and want to thank Bob Dutko for all of his hard work. this information will only strengthen my faith. i also will share this with my grandchildren to strengthen their faith. thank you Bob and everyone who helped to produce this wonderful series.

If downloaded in order they’re great.

The Top Ten Proofs are great, well done. Sadly I’ve only listened to one hour on iPhone because they all loaded out of order on my Mac and there’s no index (table of contents) in email to figure out the correct order. My error but there’s no one to help figure it out.

The Bible is True

I was sad to hear the revised recipe analogy. The older version was much more detailed if I’m remembering correctly. It really resonated with me. Otherwise, the proofs are excellent as expected.

Great to listen to on a long drive.

I have the original top ten and had bought the new MP3’s last year but wanted the CD’s to use in my car. Love listening to them on long drives. Gives me all the information I need to share with my evolutionary friends. Thanks for your research Bob.

Still did not receive

Disappointed on how long it is taking to get here. God is teaching me patience. God bless

Hi Joanne, We're sorry about how long the Canadian Postal Service is taking. We checked and your order was shipped immediately, but we've seen Canadian customers get their orders anywhere from a few days, to sometimes a couple of weeks. Here's the USPS Tracking # if you'd like to follow it's progress: EB171485225US Thanks and God bless, Top Ten Proofs

Wonderful Gift

This was a Christmas gift that I plan on listening with the person I gave it to. Use this to draw closer to God and others.


I’m very impressed. I’m from Canada and unfortunately I received them 11 days after you shipped them and customs “surprised” me with a $55 extra fee. Other than that, I’m very happy with these Top Ten Proofs

Top Ten Proofs - The Complete Set - Revised & Updated

Super helpful!

I bought this because I wanted to have a talk with a friend about this topic, and these proofs were super helpful to prepare with! Definitely a must-have for anyone who thinks they will debate on this topic

Using for a Bible Study

My Bible Study group wanted to do these. We haven't started yet. Hearing Bob speak about them and being on sale, I got before we finished our current Bible study.

Sharon Pettit Curtis

These Bob Duko recordings are the best layman’s teachings I have ever heard. He’s so organized and logical in presenting large amounts of information, but keeping many complex issues simple enough that anyone can understand. I’ve shared these Top Ten Proofs with family and friends and they thoroughly enjoy the presentations, and are amazed at the convincing evidences Mr. Duko presents. Useful to anyone for educating one’s self on the most relevant issues facing our culture and addressing the challenges to Christianity with strong, convincing answers.


I have only been through a couple of cds,but there is a wealth of information


I have been listening to Bob Dutko on both his radio program and also the National Crawford Roundtable Podcast and I have been a big fan of him and his apologetics. Two Christmas's ago, my grandfather bought my brother and I the Revised and Updated Version of Bob's Top Ten Proofs series and oh man are they GOOD! I listened to a couple of the topics shortly after receiving it, but since I am a college student, I have not had as much time as I would like to listen to them. However, during this most recent semester I was able to listen to some more of the topics while I worked on my art class projects. On my long drive home for summer break, I was finally able to find a new portable CD player so I could listen to the Top Ten Proofs on my way home. Since coming home, I have been zooming through the topics - Islam, Dinosaurs, Ghosts and UFOs, and now Mormonism and JW. All of the Top Ten Proofs topics have been excellent and so informative and mind blowing. Bob has done such a good job pulling all of his years of research altogether and creating this series. I have just ordered the complete set for my grandpa as he has the original Top Ten Proofs series, which has nowhere near as much content as the Revised and Updated Edition.

Thank you Bob for all of the work that you have put into these and for equipping us Christians with tools to stand up for the Truth and His truths. God bless you Bob!

P.S. ~ I'm hoping that Bob is considering creating some new Top Ten Proofs topics. A couple ideas for topics that I'd love to see made would be regarding Climate Change, Human Government, Vaccines and Medicine, or even one on the End Times and how to understand it. Please consider continuing the series Bob. We will certainly continue to buy more!

I absolutely love all of bobs top ten proofs I bought a couple for a friend

Blooming with Information!

This top 10 starter package is blooming with vital information that cites a better
understanding and knowledge of apologetics. Each proof is clearly articulated and backed up by research and actual, real citations. If you want to learn more and be more in the know, this Starter Package will take you to a higher level. It is entertaining as well, so you don’t get bored.

Great resource!

Thank you for putting all of these together for others to learn and enjoy!

Lisa's review

Bob's Top 10 Proofs for the Resurrection was excellent and I listened to them the entire week before Easter and throughout the Easter weekend. I have not listened to the proofs on Christianity yet. Great work! Thank you!

Undeniable Proof

The information provided in the original version of “ Top 10 Proofs” is what prompted me to purchase the Revised version release. The plethora of new information provided in the Revised version further substantiates the topics covered. I’d like to thank Bob for all of his dedication and precious time in seeking out the truths for life’s most important questions. A job well done!
God Bless!

Top Ten Proofs Creation vs. Evolution Package - Revised & Updated

Don't parish for the lack of knowledge

Bob's Apologetics blesses believers with information he's collected over years and presents it for those who haven't had the time or resources to obtain this information. Christ told his disciples "don't be deceived", the enemy has laid out a highway of lies and distortions to lead the saved and those seeking truth astray. I thank God for Bob, may he receive blessings tenfold for his obedience to share truth.