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This has opened my eyes and increased my faith. Thank you!

Top Ten Proofs - The Complete Set - Revised & Updated

Thankful for Bob

Love that Bob has this way of making the information easy to follow and understand.

Amazing. Worth Every Penny

The Top Ten proofs was absolutely amazing and informative. You won’t find information like this presented in such a clear way often. Must buy.

Wonderful - ESPECIALLY for the Youth!

I own the full collection on CD’s from years ago but also just bought these updated MP3 full set!!!!! My 4 children (now 10/12/14/15) have used the informational facts from these for school projects and to debate their friends, who are believing lies from the media and lack the detailed facts to support their beliefs. This generation (including my children) MUST BE EQUIPPED WITH TRUTH of the gospel from Scripture, YES, but also they need to be equipped with the lower-case truths so to substantiate their personal beliefs!!!!! These are easy enough to understand even for my 7-8 year old of a few years back! These have allowed FABULOUS conversations at the dinner table, in the car, and around the campfire as a family AND with others who do not yet know the Hope of Christ! ….. I believe it is IMPERATIVE that my husband and I prepare our kiddos to give an answer for the Hope that they have, as it says in 1st Peter 3:15. These Top 10 Proofs are part of our equipping of them, and ourselves, to be able to provide facts and reasons to this hurting world for the Hope that we have in Jesus!

Viewing on other devices

I downloaded it to my desk top but would like to access it on my I pad. I thought I also downloaded it to my iPad but I can’t find it. I don’t know if downloading it to more than one device is allowed.

Hi Tim. We sent you an email about your question. Yes, you can download to more than one device. Check your email because we explained more there. If you have any other issues or can't find your link, email us at and we'll just email you another link. God bless, Top Ten Proofs

Truth for the Soul

I love listening to them to and from work. It’s very uplifting and energizing and helps me to defend the truth as well as spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thanks team, we’ll done.

Glad I bought it!

Many thanks to Bob Dutko for all the hard work in producing the Top Ten Proofs. There is so much valuable information in various apologetic topics. A great Christian resource.

Top Ten Proofs - The Complete Set - Revised & Updated

Apologetics arsenal

Thank you far all the time and research required to put this together. It equips average people with what is needed to defend our faith logically. God bless your ministry.

Great info, useful tool!

MP3 Top 10 Proofs

I ordered the MP3 version and am having problems listening to some of the files as I receive the following error: Windows cannot complete the extraction. The destination path is too long. Rename the compressed folder and try again. ????

Hi Michael. We apologize for that. We've never had a customer have that happen before, so we are investigating. In the meantime, we emailed you a new MP3 link from If for any reason you have the same issue with that link, it might be your computer, in which case we'll just physically mail you a Thumb Drive. One way or another, we'll make sure you're taken care of. God bless, Top Ten Proofs

Top Ten Proofs for the physical Resurrection of Jesus Christ - Revised & Updated?

wow where did you find the time to put all this together? thank you so much.
am on SS yet i hope to purchase more of our information soon.
Have you ever heard of our Father's simplest financial plan from
Matthew 24:14? i would be happy to share it with you some time.
As a chaplain to truck drivers for 19 years i shared it with many drivers young and old as a reason create a good budget and stick to it.

YHVH is leading me to start a non-inc. credit union for all of us who do not take the mark of satan, i believe he will control ALL buying and selling of those who took his mark, that may leave us to buy/sell with each other, not just locally but worldwide.
thank you for all that you do for us every day.
dave walter

Great help!

This is a great help with bible study! Being able to defend your faith is so important!

Top Ten Proofs Explaining Ghosts, UFOs and the Paranormal - Revised & Updated

Top Ten Proofs - The Complete Set - Revised & Updated

Just purchased the MP3. How do I listen from cell phone?

Good afternoon. I just purchased the MP3 and downloaded it from my cell phone. How do I actually listen to it from my cell phone?

So needed by the church as a whole

NOT info lite .. but easy to understand. I’m always looking for ever better ways to explain how we Christians can know the Word of God is true. Of course we know first and foremost by faith, but Bob does a wonderful job of conveying what’s needed by an unbelieving world.


I am emailing unsaved family members regularly and began with preponderance of evidence for God. These CDs helped a lot

Some Of The Best Apologetics Materials Available...

Bob has some of the Best Apologetic Materials I've come across. I was surprised at the depth of his very convincing evidences. yet, Bob also carefully gave several down to earth illustrations of each, so that lay people can actually understand and relate these proofs to others. Well Done!

Top ten proofs

I enjoy them very much. Spouse would rather they were DVDs with Bob speaking on camera. Or even a study notes. But I do appreciate all the info.


I bought as a gift for my husband who listens to the Bob Dutko shoe everyday. Did not receive a link to the MP3's can you resend the link to [****].

Hi Danielle. You might check your Spam Folder as the link may have ended up there. Either way, we just emailed you a replacement link. Please let us know if there's anything else we can do for you. Thank you and God bless, Top Ten Proofs

Expand teaching to a greater audience

I love all the topics and am interested in teaching this in my church. I am also interested if their is a youth or teenage version of topics. Additionally are their worksheets for topics. That would be great to equip the youth for the challenge ahead. I would love feedback. Thanks!

Hi Dennis,
We do not have a separate youth or teenage version, although Bob recorded them in what we call '5th Grade Language', so they are very easy to understand for teenagers and most of it (not all) for children, down to maybe age 10-12 on the young end. Also, no, we're sorry but we do not have worksheets. Thank you and God bless, Top Ten Proofs

all of them

I listened to 2 of them so far and went back to listen to another one to discover that they are gone. I may have erased them when I thought I was formatting a new portable drive. I had them on a SD card. Can I get the link again to re-download them? I have used the first set a lot and had planned the same for the updates

Hi Paul, Sure, no problem. We just emailed you a replacement link for the Complete Set. If you don't see it, perhaps check your spam folder. Let us know if you need anything else. God bless, Top Ten Proofs