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Top Ten Proofs Explaining Ghosts, UFOs and the Paranormal - Revised & Updated

Top Ten Proofs Explaining Ghosts, UFOs and the Paranormal - Revised & Updated

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Product Description

This 3-CD Set and MP3 will help equip you to learn about many various and popular interests in all things spiritual, metaphysical, paranormal and mystical. You will learn their origins, their teachings and claims and what we can learn from Scripture about how to Biblically approach these various topics.

Many of these various topics are growing in popularity in America and even among Christians. As you will hear in this topic, this is not an attack on the people who practice these various things, but an honest, factual, historical and Biblical explanation of them and why Christians should have concerns about them.

This topic also includes Bob’s personal testimony involving his own experiences with UFOs and growing up in a world of “ghosts”, “poltergeists”, “haunted houses”, and demonic activity.

After listening to this topic, just some of the questions you'll be able to answer are…

  • "How do we explain ghosts, poltergeists, etc?"
  • "Why do certain places appear to be 'haunted'?"
  • "How should we understand Angels and Demons?"
  • "But don't at least some people successfully talk to the dead?"
  • "How do we explain UFOs?"
  • "In all the Universe, how can we really be the only life?"
  • "Couldn't God have created life elsewhere?"
  • “Did space aliens help build the pyramids?”
  • "What about Astrology? Weren't the Magi Astrologers?"
  • “What about Horoscopes and the Zodiac?”
  • "What about Psychics and Fortune Tellers?"
  • “What about the claim of “Christian Psychics”?…versus Biblical Prophecy
  • “What about Crystal Balls, Tarot Cards, ESP, Seances, Fortune Cookies, etc?”
  • "Didn't Nostradamus correctly predict the future?"
  • “What about reincarnation, ‘past lives’ & Karma?”
  • "Didn't Jesus say John the Baptist was Elijah reincarnated?"
  • "What about the Pagan origins of Halloween, Christmas and Easter?"
  • "What exactly is Wicca?" Paganism?
  • "Should I be concerned with Yoga? What about 'Christian' Yoga?"
  • “What is the meaning of the various Yoga poses, Mudras, Chakras, Zen and more?”
  • "What about New Age, Reiki, Feng Shui, Auras, Crystals, and harnessing of energies?”
  • "What about Superstitions, Good and Bad Luck?"
  • "What about witchcraft, spell casting, curses, Quija Boards, Voodoo, etc.?"
  • “Can Christians be cursed?”
  • "What about the magic of Harry Potter versus....say, Wizard of Oz?"
  • "What does the Bible say about many of these things?"
  • plus much more

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rob Mullins
ok, but....

long and drawn out presentation

William Garrison

Top Ten Proofs Explaining Ghosts, UFOs and the Paranormal - Revised & Updated

Claudia Menton

concise, informative and never boring!

Darryle Parker
Bob Confirmed My Personal Belief Regarding UFOs

Years ago, I read a book by a scientist and atheist regarding UFOs. He made a convincing case that UFOs were interdimensional visitors rather than visitors from planets light-years away. After reading his UFO scientific analysis, I realized he was unknowingly referring to spiritual dimensions even though the author did not believe dimensions could be spiritual or even in spiritual beings. I never shared my feelings regarding UFOs since I did not know of anyone else who felt the same.

However, after listening to Bob's CD regarding UFOs, I realized he and I were in sync regarding spiritual dimensions and UFOs. Bob also filled in for me important gaps regarding the enemy's strategy to dissuade Christians and others from biblical truths.

I am now able to discuss UFOs with confidence and clarity. Thanks much, Bob, for simplifying UFOs and exposing the enemy's strategy regarding them--a very timely subject matter in today's world!