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Evidence for Christianity

Christian apologetics, or a study of the evidence for Christianity is important for all believers who hope to defend the faith effectively and prove the reliability of the Bible. By comparing Jesus to other religions using facts, logic and history, you can show that all other religions crumble under intellectual scrutiny except Christianity: The Only True Religion. Read more

Scientific Evidence of God

While Intelligent Design skeptics may claim there is no evidence of God, the actual scientific evidence for God's existence is overwhelming, scientifically answering the question, "does God exist?". Read more

Evidence for Creation vs. Evolution

The scientific evidence for Creation vs. Evolution can show anyone interested in Christian apologetics that you really can believe in a Biblical Creation, a worldwide flood and the evidence against Evolution according to logic, science and intellectual reasoning. Read more

Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

An examination of the evidence for the resurrection goes beyond just exploring the evidence Jesus rose from the dead, but to the reliability of the Bible itself and whether we have evidence the Bible is true. As Christians however, the physical resurrection of Jesus is crucial to our faith, so let's examine whether a belief in the resurrection is logical by critiquing the arguments of skeptics. Read more

Evidence for America's Christian Heritage

In the debate over the so-called “separation of Church and State” versus America as a Christian nation, we have to look at our Founding Fathers and the facts of history to see the truth about America's Christian heritage. Read more

Evidence Dinosaurs Lived With Man (and yes, went on Noah's Ark)

The mere mention of dinosaurs on Noah's Ark or dinosaurs living with man in recent times, let alone dinosaurs in the Bible will draw giggles from evolution believing people, but what if there is actual historic, scientific and even eyewitness evidence for this? Read more

Biblical Evidence Against Theistic Evolution

God and Evolution may sound like an acceptable mix, but this concept of Theistic Evolution, or the belief that God guided a process of evolution during the Genesis Creation does not stand up to science or the Bible. Read more

Evidence for a Young Earth (that's not billions of years old)

To believe in Evolution, you must accept a belief in an old Earth that is “billions of years old”, but the scientific evidence actually points to a young Earth that's about 6000 years old, which would support the interpretation of 6 literal 24 hour days of the Genesis Creation as recorded in the Bible. Read more