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Evidence for a Young Earth (that's not billions of years old)

To believe in Evolution, you must accept a belief in an old Earth that is “billions of years old”, but the scientific evidence actually points to a young Earth that's about 6000 years old, which would support the interpretation of 6 literal 24 hour days of the Genesis Creation as recorded in the Bible. First though, we have to realize we have been conditioned to believe that biological or geological change takes long periods of time. However, the actual scientific evidence shows that things we assume take “millions of years” to happen actually don't take that long at all.

One small example of this brainwashing is the Geologic Column. We've all seen these impressive layers of ground as we drive on a road that has been cut through a mountain or when we look at the walls of the Grand Canyon. We also see this Geologic Column on paper in our Geology books. Here's a dirty little secret the evolutionary scientists don't want you to know. The Geologic column in your school textbook doesn't line up with the actual geologic strata in the ground. Over 99% of all the layers in the actual ground are different than the official “Geologic Column” you see in your Geology book. Bottom line, it appears that way on paper, but not in the ground. The layers in the ground are actually all out of sequence, upside down, inverted, missing layers, etc. The layers are all randomly shuffled throughout the entire planet like a deck of cards. This is exactly what we would expect to see if there were a worldwide flood producing massive mud deposits all over the Earth. It is not what we should see if these layers supposedly represent the surfaces of the Earth over the last “500 million years”.

Simply put, the Creation Scientist says the Geological strata we see in the ground was all laid downover a fairly short period of time as part of the natural layering that takes place after massive flooding and mud deposits, or in other words, after Noah's flood about 4500 years ago. Evolutionary scientists say the layers in the ground were the various surfaces of the Earth over the last 500 million years. Remember, they need that to be true because they need 100's of millions of years for Darwin's Theory of Evolution. So let's examine the evidence to see which theory makes sense.

In the ground, right now are literally thousands of “polystrate” fossils. These are fossils that are standing upright, vertically punching through many (poly) of the layers (strate or strata) in the ground. In other words, picture a fossilized tree standing upright, right in the middle of the Geologic Column going up through “millions of years” of several layers. If the evolutionists are right, that would mean the bottom of that tree would be in layers of the ground millions of years “older” that the top of the tree. How logical is that? There are literally thousands of these polystrate trees, right now, in the ground all over the Earth. I can assure you, you'll never see their photos in your school Geology books because evolutionists don't want you to know about them. What's also interesting is that the majority of these fossilized trees do not have branches or roots. They literally look like telephone poles. So how and when did they get there? To find out, let's look at Mt. St Helens.

In 1980 when Mt. St. Helens erupted, we noticed a fascinating phenomenon. The force of the eruption blasted the forests in the area with such power that it broke the trees off at the base of the ground, leaving the roots underground and stripped the branches from the trunks leaving the hillsides littered with thousands of, what appeared to be “telephone poles”. No branches, no roots. We see that this is common when volcanoes erupt near forests and leave thousands of branch-less, rootless trees littering the hillsides. Near Mt. St. Helens, thousands of these “telephone pole” trees rolled into nearby Spirit Lake creating massive log mats. To see the photos, it just looks like thousands of telephone poles floating in the water. As the trees became waterlogged, they sank, but they didn't sink horizontally. It was observed that as they got more waterlogged, they eventually turned upright, floating vertically until finally they sank to the bottom, punching their way down into the muddy bottom. Additional mud deposits into the lake covered them up even more. This is not theory, this is what was actually observed.

Now let's go back to Noah's flood. If there were a worldwide flood and waters were springing forth from the deep as the Bible says, there would have been massive continental shifting. We know today that continental shifting triggers volcanoes, so it is safe to presume that if the story of Noah is true, there would have been volcanoes erupting all over the Earth. That means there would have been forests laid bare, it's trees stripped of their roots and branches, and floating log mats worldwide of branchless, rootless trees. (Remember, this isn't guess work, we can now observe that this is what actually happens when volcanoes erupt) These trees back then would have done exactly what they did in 1980. They would have gotten waterlogged, turned vertical in the flood waters, and eventually sank that way, punching into the muddy bottom and being covered up vertically by the natural layering of mud deposits. All over the Earth today are literally thousands of rootless, branch-less fossilized trees, standing uprightthrough several layers of the Geological strata that is supposed to, according to evolutionists, represent hundreds of millions of years of layering.

Another thing we've been conditioned to believe is that if something is fossilized, it must be very old, but that's just not true. What if that fossilized bone the evolutionists tell you is millions of years old were actually only 50 or 100 years old? Sound crazy? It's not. The fact is the fossilization process is fairly rapid. For example, I remember one day back in 2004 I was on my way to a speaking engagement when I stopped into a Detroit area science store to browse, and I noticed a fossilized bone sitting on the shelf for sale. The sign said it was “50 million years old”, so I asked the clerk how she knew it was 50 million years old. She said “let me get the owner, he's a retired scientist”. The owner came out and I politely asked him how he knew the bone was 50 million years old. He said it had been dated to be that. When I reminded him that you can't radiometrically date organic material to an age in the millions, he said “well, yes, that's true. It's dated according to the age of the rocks it was found in”. I thought about bringing up the fact that evolutionary scientists also happen to date the rocks according to how old the fossils are that are found in them, but I didn't have time to get into that debate. (In the Top Ten Proofs for a Young Earth – 2 CD Set, it explains about the circular reasoning that is actually used to date rocks and fossils by using the so-called “dates” of each other to “date” each other).

Anyway, back to my scientist friend. I asked him “how do I know that bone isn't just a couple of hundred years old?” He laughed and said “that's impossible”. I said “why” and he said “because it's fossilized, so it can't be that young”. I then asked him if he was aware of the fact that Creation scientists and Creation Museums have in their possession and on display fossilized items such as hats, food, sausage links, hams, bags of flour, a foot in a cowboy boot, even Teddy Bears....., in the same fossilized state as the bone on his shelf. He said “yes, I've heard of those, but they're not really fossils like this bone is”, and so I said, of course, “why not?” He said “because those are modern items that are clearly not old enough to be fossils since it takes a long time for things to fossilize”. I then said to him “okay, so if this bone on your shelf has turned to stone and that Bowler's hat I mentioned has also turned to stone, they both possess the very same physical properties, right?” He reluctantly said “well....yes”. Then I said “so if their physical properties are identical in that they have both permineralized into stone, you say the reason the hat is not a fossil is because “it's not as old as the bone”? “Is that really your argument?” I remember he looked at me for a few seconds of silence and said “well, when you put it like that, it makes my argument sound silly”. I then responded “hey look, you're the scientist, I'm just a customer” at which point I thanked him for his time, shook his hand and went on to my speaking engagement. The point is that we have all been conditioned to believe certain things “must” be millions of years old. So the next time you read about a fossil that is “millions of years old”, think of the equally fossilized Teddy Bear and ask yourself why that bone might not just be a couple of hundred years old.

Remember, for Evolution to be true, evolutionists must convince us the Earth is billions of years old because a young Earth would destroy evolutionary claims and support a literal Genesis Creation of 6 – 24 hour days as recorded in the Bible.