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Top Ten Proofs for a Young Earth - Original Classic Version

Top Ten Proofs for a Young Earth - Original Classic Version

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This 2 CD audio set examines the actual scientific evidence to determine whether the Earth is really 4.5 billion years old, or only a few thousand years old. This debate is relevant to the Creation/Evolution debate in that for the Theory of Evolution to be true, the evolutionary scientists need to convince us the Earth is billions of years old. Their belief essentially says that, if given millions and billions of years, combined with chance...anything is possible. However, if it can be shown scientifically that the Earth can not be that old, all of Evolutionary theory collapses.

When listening to this CD set, you need to remember that the evolutionary scientists control the majority of peer review publications, science journals, laboratories and museums. Consequently, the scientific information accepted for print in school textbooks and media news reports comes from these sources. This CD set will provide you with the rest of the evidence that is currently being censored by the majority of the scientific community and comes from Creation Scientists who have the very same credentials and Ph.D's in the very same sciences as evolutionary scientists.

You will learn how the radiometric dating methods actually work to see that they are unreliable and inaccurate. For example, the very same Potassium-Argon (K-Ar) radiometric dating method used to date the Earth at billions of years old also dates the 1980 Mt. St. Helens eruption to have occurred 2.8 million years ago. They won't tell you that in the textbooks. You will learn that just because something is a fossil, that doesn't make it "old". You will learn of completely fossilized items left out of science journals, like hats, sausage links, bags of flour...even a skeletal foot inside a cowboy boot.

Some of the fascinating evidence you'll learn is:

  • How the Geologic Column actually supports a recent worldwide flood.
  • How radiometric dating methods just don't work
  • According to "radiometric dating", the Grand Canyon is upside down
  • Oil and coal can form in a matter of weeks (and is forming today)

You'll also be able to answer questions like:

  • "But haven't they proven the Universe is billions of years old?"
  • "But I thought they dated dinosaur bones to be millions of years old?"
  • "What about the Cave men and Neanderthals?"
  • "But aren't fossils old?"
  • "So are you saying God gives the Earth an 'appearance of age'?"

Customer Reviews

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John Wheeler
Should be Required reading and taught along side of the evolutionists beliefs so people have a ch...

Very interesting. Makes me desire to delve deeper into the young earth subject and also into the proven facts and prophecies of the Bible.

Joe Kern
young earth

all is fine thank you

Charles Williams
Smooth experience mp3

After buying about 8 of the CD's several years ago i took advantage of the mp3 bargain offer for the Young Earth proofs. All went smooth for a "low tech" senior. Great info and easy to understand! Thx for the Truth! cw