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Top Ten Proofs - The Complete Set - Revised & Updated

Top Ten Proofs - The Complete Set - Revised & Updated

All 14 Topics, All 37 CDs – Over 46 Hours Of Content!

Product Description

This Complete Set will equip you to defend the faith like a pro. Listen over and over or give them to your skeptical friends, family or co-workers. The next time someone challenges you on any one of these topics, you will be ready with the answer, and if you're not quite sure, just give them the CD to listen to.

Customer Reviews

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Laura Fries

I’m enjoying them and hope to retain all the information so I have answers to any questions my family, friends, and coworkers have.

Pamela Evancho

Top Ten Proofs - The Complete Set - Revised & Updated

Alexander Muawad
Amazing. Worth Every Penny

The Top Ten proofs was absolutely amazing and informative. You won’t find information like this presented in such a clear way often. Must buy.

John Hartline


Mangiapane Family
Wonderful - ESPECIALLY for the Youth!

I own the full collection on CD’s from years ago but also just bought these updated MP3 full set!!!!! My 4 children (now 10/12/14/15) have used the informational facts from these for school projects and to debate their friends, who are believing lies from the media and lack the detailed facts to support their beliefs. This generation (including my children) MUST BE EQUIPPED WITH TRUTH of the gospel from Scripture, YES, but also they need to be equipped with the lower-case truths so to substantiate their personal beliefs!!!!! These are easy enough to understand even for my 7-8 year old of a few years back! These have allowed FABULOUS conversations at the dinner table, in the car, and around the campfire as a family AND with others who do not yet know the Hope of Christ! ….. I believe it is IMPERATIVE that my husband and I prepare our kiddos to give an answer for the Hope that they have, as it says in 1st Peter 3:15. These Top 10 Proofs are part of our equipping of them, and ourselves, to be able to provide facts and reasons to this hurting world for the Hope that we have in Jesus!