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Top Ten Proofs - The Complete Set - Revised & Updated

Top Ten Proofs - The Complete Set - Revised & Updated

All 14 Topics, All 37 CDs – Over 46 Hours Of Content!

Product Description

This Complete Set will equip you to defend the faith like a pro. Listen over and over or give them to your skeptical friends, family or co-workers. The next time someone challenges you on any one of these topics, you will be ready with the answer, and if you're not quite sure, just give them the CD to listen to.

Customer Reviews

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Sharon Pettit Curtis
Sharon Pettit Curtis

These Bob Duko recordings are the best layman’s teachings I have ever heard. He’s so organized and logical in presenting large amounts of information, but keeping many complex issues simple enough that anyone can understand. I’ve shared these Top Ten Proofs with family and friends and they thoroughly enjoy the presentations, and are amazed at the convincing evidences Mr. Duko presents. Useful to anyone for educating one’s self on the most relevant issues facing our culture and addressing the challenges to Christianity with strong, convincing answers.

Nate Hawkins

I have been listening to Bob Dutko on both his radio program and also the National Crawford Roundtable Podcast and I have been a big fan of him and his apologetics. Two Christmas's ago, my grandfather bought my brother and I the Revised and Updated Version of Bob's Top Ten Proofs series and oh man are they GOOD! I listened to a couple of the topics shortly after receiving it, but since I am a college student, I have not had as much time as I would like to listen to them. However, during this most recent semester I was able to listen to some more of the topics while I worked on my art class projects. On my long drive home for summer break, I was finally able to find a new portable CD player so I could listen to the Top Ten Proofs on my way home. Since coming home, I have been zooming through the topics - Islam, Dinosaurs, Ghosts and UFOs, and now Mormonism and JW. All of the Top Ten Proofs topics have been excellent and so informative and mind blowing. Bob has done such a good job pulling all of his years of research altogether and creating this series. I have just ordered the complete set for my grandpa as he has the original Top Ten Proofs series, which has nowhere near as much content as the Revised and Updated Edition.

Thank you Bob for all of the work that you have put into these and for equipping us Christians with tools to stand up for the Truth and His truths. God bless you Bob!

P.S. ~ I'm hoping that Bob is considering creating some new Top Ten Proofs topics. A couple ideas for topics that I'd love to see made would be regarding Climate Change, Human Government, Vaccines and Medicine, or even one on the End Times and how to understand it. Please consider continuing the series Bob. We will certainly continue to buy more!

David Nazaroff
Undeniable Proof

The information provided in the original version of “ Top 10 Proofs” is what prompted me to purchase the Revised version release. The plethora of new information provided in the Revised version further substantiates the topics covered. I’d like to thank Bob for all of his dedication and precious time in seeking out the truths for life’s most important questions. A job well done!
God Bless!

Abraham Dyck
Great topics, Top Ten Proofs is Amazing

Love my set of CD's and MP3. I have the original set but this revised edition is awesome. Just trying to figure out how to share the MP3 in an email to a few skeptical friends. Thanks Bob for all the hard work you put into this. God Bless

tammy brindle

Top Ten Proofs - The Complete Set - Revised & Updated