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Top Ten Proofs for God's Existence - Revised & Updated

Top Ten Proofs for God's Existence - Revised & Updated

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This 2-CD Set and MP3 addresses the logical, mathematical and scientific evidences for God's existence, but in basic layman's terms and easy to understand language. Too often we have been told by skeptics that a belief in God is not scientific, but merely a matter of faith.

This topic will debunk that claim by explaining how certain Laws of Physics and science actually prove that there MUST be a God, a Creator of the universe. There are, in fact, many scientific principles that make it impossible for life to generate from non-life, (Abiogenesis), or for the universe to come into existence from nothingness, or for complexity and design to grow and develop in the universe on it's own.

To the believer, this is merely common sense, but now, you will learn how to actually use science itself as well as logic, intellect and reasoning to back up our faith, but again, in layman's terms, with simple, basic language that anyone can understand.

After listening to this topic, you'll be able to answer questions like:

  • "If God really exists, where is he?"
  • "Well then, who made God?"
  • "Isn't a belief in God just that, a belief?"
  • "How can faith be scientific?"
  • "Can you really 'prove' God mathematically?"
  • "If God exists, why do so many intelligent scientists say he doesn't?"
  • "If God exists, why does he allow all the pain and suffering?"
  • "But the Bible got science wrong" (BTW, no it did not. This topic shows how the Bible actually reveals scientific and medical facts long before these facts were discovered by science & medicine)
  • “How do the Laws of Physics prove God’s existence?”
  • “What is the Anthropic Principle, and how does it prove God exists?”
  • “What about the claim that life has been created in a laboratory?”
  • “But didn’t scientists discover the “God Particle?”
  • “But atheists say we can’t prove a ‘Flying Spaghetti Monster’ doesn’t exist either.”
  • …and much more.

      Customer Reviews

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      Mariah Gallagher

      This has opened my eyes and increased my faith. Thank you!

      Thankful for Bob

      Love that Bob has this way of making the information easy to follow and understand.

      Allan Barsema
      Some Of The Best Apologetics Materials Available...

      Bob has some of the Best Apologetic Materials I've come across. I was surprised at the depth of his very convincing evidences. yet, Bob also carefully gave several down to earth illustrations of each, so that lay people can actually understand and relate these proofs to others. Well Done!