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Top Ten Proofs for a Young Earth - Revised & Updated

Top Ten Proofs for a Young Earth - Revised & Updated

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This 4-CD Set and MP3 examines the actual scientific evidence to determine whether the Earth is really 4.6 billion years old, or only a few thousand years old. This debate is relevant to the Creation/Evolution debate in that for the Theory of Evolution to be true, the Evolutionary scientists need to convince us the Earth is billions of years old. Their belief essentially says that, if given millions and billions of years, combined with chance...anything is possible. However, if it can be shown scientifically that the Earth can not be that old, all of Evolutionary theory collapses.

When listening to this topic, you need to remember that the Evolutionary scientists control the majority of peer-review publications, science journals, laboratories and museums. Consequently, the scientific information accepted for print in school textbooks and media news reports comes from these sources. This topic will provide you with the rest of the evidence that is currently being censored by the majority of Academia, but is all documented and verified from the leading Evolutionary scientists themselves.

You will learn how the radiometric dating methods are actually done to see that they are unreliable and inaccurate. For example, the very same Potassium-Argon (K-Ar) radiometric dating method used to date the Earth at billions of years old…..also dates the 1980 Mt. St. Helens eruption to have occurred 2.8 million years ago. They won't tell you that in the textbooks. You will learn that just because something is a fossil, that doesn't make it "old". You will learn of completely fossilized items left out of science journals, like hats, sausage links, bags of flour...even a skeletal foot inside a cowboy boot.

Some of the fascinating evidence you'll learn is:

  • How the Geologic Column actually supports a recent worldwide flood.
  • Geologic evidence proving the Grand Canyon was carved rapidly by a massive flood
  • How radiometric dating methods just don't work
  • According to "radiometric dating", the Grand Canyon is upside down
  • The top Evolutionary Radiometric Dating Laboratories have now Carbon Dated dozens of dinosaur bones, and 100% of them only date as thousands of years old (we document it)
  • Oil and coal can form in a matter of weeks (and is forming today)
  • Multiple discoveries of modern human footprints in “millions of years old” rock
  • Recent DNA Research Studies that confirm all humans genetically go back to one man, about 6000 years ago
  • Recent NASA discoveries proving the planets are “young”

You'll also be able to answer questions like:

  • "But haven't they proven the Universe is billions of years old?"
  • "But I thought they dated dinosaur bones to be millions of years old?"
  • "What about the Cave men and Neanderthals?"
  • "But aren't fossils old?"
  • "So are you saying God gives the Earth an 'appearance of age'?"
  • “What about the Ice Age?”
  • “Do Ice Cores show hundreds of thousands of annual layers?”
  • “Do some Bristlecone Pine trees really have 10,000 annual rings?”
  • “How did we get all the various human “races”?”
  • “How can we see starlight in only 6000 years?”
  • …and many more

Customer Reviews

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Joel H 605
Using science to defeat science, by non-scientists

Willingness to accept something that suggests some support for an idea is going to succeed when the idea is already enshrined in your understanding.
Sadly, lining up a few emotionally persuasive rationalizations that sound like science always turn to lace when seen in the light of the Created world. Genesis 1:1-3 says two things.
First, God created time, space, matter, and light. Ask a physicist what that means.
Second, the middle verse says that the universe began exactly the way the pagans surrounding Abraham said it did. Here is the elephant in the room - pagan cosmogony has no spiritual weight while pagan theology could be likened to toe jam mixed with belly button lint and give structure by toe nail clippings. The pagan deities were promiscuous, thoughtless, had no foresight, were lazy, and were physically killable. Genesis, in one chapter, erases all of that, including the idea that humanity was created from the blood of a murdered god, plus dust.
Humanity 1.0 was seven breeding pairs. Their job was to assume heavy labor that had been the lot of several lesser gods. Digging irrigation canals, growing grain, and raising livestock was the Human Calling. It supplied grain and meat for sacrificial fires, which was the sustenance of the gods.
The Flood came about because the breeding part was so good that humanity filled the earth. [hear an echo from Genesis?] The gods needed some peace and quiet. There was a precursor to Noah, who had to be harangued until he gave in and built a large circular craft for his family, some seeds, and some livestock.
The gods realized they were about to drown, being shoved up against the underside of the firmament. When the boat landed and its owner disembarked to send up an offering fire, the gods realized they had narrowly escaped self-starvation. The hero's offspring would be held back by disease, plague, and famine.
The Noah account addresses all of those points. Each time, Genesis is like a pearl compared to a sow's ear.
Genesis is theology.
For Genesis to be material fact, consider that Day Two places a forever supply of rain above the firmament while Day Four places the sun, moon, and stars within the firmament. Creation, on the other hand, says that Planet Earth is a ball of iron and lava with a thin crispy crust of continents, and flimsy splashes of water between them. It also says that the moon orbits earth and earth orbits the sun.
Or in other words, Genesis is about the Creator. It ignores material fact in order to present deep spiritual truth to ordinary pre-technical minds, and to Sunday School children.
Genesis is theology. The great tradition of reading it at face value is well and good. Keep on keeping on - but awareness of verses 1 and 3, and the astounding beauty and perfection awaiting those who care to look has to be taken with joy.
Not only that but the unchurched, which the Christian must invite into the embrace of the Lord, know good and well that there is no way for Genesis to describe fact.
Other than verses 1 and 3 - can you see the Spirit's friendly wink at the Age fo Science looking for a way to find God in the r.e.a.l Creation?

Kimberly McNair
So Amazing To Hear God’s Truth Backed by Scientific Evidence

I really enjoyed this series! It is very understandable and informative, you don’t have to be a science expert to understand. I really enjoyed it!!!

Steve Smith

Bob gives verifiable proofs and a lot of them too!