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Top Ten Proofs on Homosexuality: Answering the Top LGBTQ Arguments - Revised & Updated

Top Ten Proofs on Homosexuality: Answering the Top LGBTQ Arguments - Revised & Updated

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Product Description

This 2-CD Set and MP3 addresses the truth, facts, and most common arguments given to support Homosexuality, Transgenderism and the whole LGBTQ debate, as well as the answers to refute those arguments using science, logic, history, facts, documented evidence and intellectual reasoning, but all in everyday language and simple layman's terms that are easy to understand and remember.

After listening to this topic, you will be able to lovingly and confidently discuss the issue of homosexuality with your friends, family and co-workers, equipped with the answers to the most common arguments they will give. As you will hear, this topic is not a personal attack on individuals with same sex attraction or gender confusion, but a factual response to the most common arguments given to promote homosexuality, gay marriage, Trangenderism, and all things LGBTQ.

After listening to this topic, just some of the questions you'll be able to answer are...

  • "Don't Christians practice 'hatred' toward homosexuals?"
  • "Aren't gay people born that way?"
  • "Isn't trying to change your 'sexual orientation' a harmful impossibility?"
  • "Why would anyone 'choose' to be gay? Did you 'choose' to be straight?"
  • "Why do you Christians single out homosexuality but ignore other sins?"
  • "Doesn't the Bible only condemn homosexual abuse and not a same-sex loving, committed, monogamous relationship?"
  • "If homosexuality is such a sin, why did Jesus never address it?"
  • "Isn't Jesus all about love, tolerance, acceptance and forgiveness?"
  • "Yeah, but didn't the Bible condemn all kinds of other outdated stuff like eating pork, shellfish and mixing fabrics?"
  • "Oh yeah? Doesn't the Bible condone polygamy and slavery?"
  • "How does a gay marriage affect your straight marriage?"
  • "Isn't it hateful and dishonest to link homosexuality to pedophilia?"
  • "Don't homosexuals just want equality and protection against discrimination?"
  • "But aren't homosexuals repeatedly targeted for hate crimes?"
  • “But isn’t gender “fluid” and an internal “identity”?
  • “Aren’t there many “genders”?
  • “Isn’t it hateful and cruel to mis-gender someone?”
  • “What does the Bible have to say about gender and transgenderism?”

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Raikes
Super helpful!

I bought this because I wanted to have a talk with a friend about this topic, and these proofs were super helpful to prepare with! Definitely a must-have for anyone who thinks they will debate on this topic