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Top Ten Proofs the Bible is True - Original Classic Version

Top Ten Proofs the Bible is True - Original Classic Version

Product Description

This 2 CD Set gives the top 10 evidences to show the Bible really is true and accurate in it's history and what it teaches using science, logic, history, facts, documented evidence and intellectual reasoning, but all in everyday language and simple layman's terms that are easy to understand and remember.

After listening to these CDs, you will be able to confidently discuss the Bible with your skeptical friends, family and co-workers, equipped with the answers to the most common arguments they will give against it as well as strengthen your own faith by the assurance that the Bible really is God's Word.

After listening to this 2 CD Set, just some of the questions you'll be able to answer are...

  • "How can I really know the Bible was God inspired instead of just great literature?"
  • "What amount of manuscript evidence is there and when were they written?"
  • "How did we end up with the Bible we have now?"
  • "What are the 'Apocryphal' books and why are they in the Catholic Bible but not the Protestant Bibles?"
  • "Hasn't science pretty much proven the Bible wrong?"
  • "What scientific truths were written in the Bible long before they were scientifically discovered to be true?"
  • "How detailed and accurate is the Bible's fulfilled prophecy?"
  • "What archaeological evidence has been discovered to confirm the Bible?"
  • "How accurate are archaeological discoveries to what the Bible says?"
  • "Just how historically proven are the Gospel accounts of Jesus' life, miracles, death and resurrection?"
  • "How do you explain all the 'contradictions' in the Bible?"
  • "How is the Bible any different than other religions' holy writings?"
  • "Aren't some Bible stories just made up and borrowed from earlier Mythology?"
  • "Bible stories are just too hard to believe. Talking donkeys, Jonah in the belly of a fish...C'mon, seriously?"
  • many more.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Christina Lefler

      Top Ten Proofs the Bible is True

      The Bible is True! and Young Earth

      Thank you for strengthening my faith!

      Bible proofs

      So far I am liking the knowledge and information I am getting. I haven’t finished it yet but I am almost there. Thanks to Bob Dutko’s research and information on the topic.

      The Bible = true or false?

      Excellent points, along with John MacArthurs sermon on same, will equip you to comfortably engage the topic with a non believer!

      Franz Loewen

      Top Ten Proofs the Bible is True