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Top Ten Proofs for America's Christian Heritage - Original Classic Version

Top Ten Proofs for America's Christian Heritage - Original Classic Version

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This CD addresses the myth of the so-called "separation of Church and State" to show through factual evidence and historical documentation that our Founding Fathers actually believed in a BLENDING of Church and State. While the Founding Fathers were careful not to "establish" a religion, by forcing people to convert to Christianity, they did, in fact, have the United States government promote and encourage Christianity to it's citizens. Over the past few decades, the ACLU along with several liberal judges and much of the news media have convinced Americans that the Constitution forbids an endorsement of religion, but this CD provides over 150 actual examples in history of the United States government doing just that......endorsing religion, and more specifically, Christianity. You have to ask, if prayer in schools is really "unconstitutional", why did the very same Founding Fathers who wrote, signed and ratified the Constitution also have the Federal government build churches and print Bibles for the public schools?

America truly has a Christian heritage, but most of these facts are now being censored in our history books, but you will hear them in this CD.

Did you know...

  • "Separation of Church and State" is found nowhere in the Constitution?
  • The U.S. Capital Building was converted to a church every Sunday morning?
  • Washington D.C.'s worship team every Sunday morning was the U.S. Marine Corps Band?
  • Congressional declarations actually called for "Christianity" to be "spread all over the Earth"?
  • The first U.S. Supreme Court opened with a four hour Prayer and Communion service?
  • The Bible was a required reading textbook in the public schools?
  • President Thomas Jefferson ordered that schools use the Bible when teaching students to read?
  • Territories applying for Statehood were required to teach religion in their schools? (Northwest Ordinance, Section XIV, Article III, passed by the House, passed by the Senate and signed into law by President George Washington, August 7, 1789)