Top Ten Proofs Explaining Ghosts, UFOs and the Paranormal

Top Ten Proofs Explaining Ghosts, UFOs and the Paranormal

Product Description

This 2 CD Set will help equip you to learn about many various and popular interests in all things spiritual, metaphysical, paranormal and mystical. You will learn their origins, their teachings and claims and what we can learn from Scripture about how to Biblically approach these various topics.

Many of these various topics are growing in popularity in America and even among Christians. As you will hear in these CDs, this is not an attack on the people who practice these various things, but an honest, factual, historical and Biblical explanation of them and why Christians should have concerns about them.

After listening to this 2 CD Set, just some of the questions you'll be able to answer are......

  • "How do we explain ghosts?"
  • "Why do certain places appear to be 'haunted'?"
  • "How should we understand Angels and Demons?"
  • "But don't at least some people successfully talk to the dead?"
  • "How do we explain UFOs?"
  • "In all the Universe, how can we really be the only life?"
  • "Couldn't God have created life elsewhere?"
  • "What about Astrology? Weren't the Magi Astrologers?"
  • "What about Psychics and Fortune Tellers?"
  • "Didn't Nostradamus correctly predict the future?"
  • "Didn't Jesus say John the Baptist was Elijah reincarnated?"
  • "What about the Pagan origins of Halloween, Christmas and Easter?"
  • "What exactly is Wicca?"
  • "Should I be concerned with Yoga? What about 'Christian' Yoga?"
  • "What about New Age, Reiki and Energy Healings?"
  • "What about Superstitions, Good and Bad Luck?"
  • "What about witchcraft, spell casting, curses, Quija Boards, etc.?"
  • "What about the magic of Harry Potter versus....say, Wizard of Oz?"
  • "What are modern day examples of Counterfeit Christianity?"
  • "What about popular things like Emergent Theology, Unity Churches, The Shack, Rob Bell, etc.?"
  • "What does the Bible say about many of these things?"
  • much more.

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