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Top Ten Proofs Christianity is the Only True Religion - Original Classic Version

Top Ten Proofs Christianity is the Only True Religion - Original Classic Version

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Product Description

This CD deals with the historical evidences for Christianity compared to other religions based on logic, history and intellectual reasoning, but in simple layman's terms that are easy to understand. The Top 10 Proofs for Christianity addresses questions that are often posed by skeptics and prepares you to logically answer these questions with facts and proofs that are fascinating to learn. You will learn basic apologetics and see how easy it is to defend the faith with friends, family and co-workers when you have these simple, easy to follow logical facts on your side.

After listening to this CD, you'll be able to answer questions like:

  • "Other religions think they're right too, so how can Christians be so sure?"
  • "Ultimately, don't all religions lead to God?"
  • "Other religions teach 'love your neighbor', so aren't there truths found in all religions?"
  • "What makes you Christians think you have the ONLY truth?"
  • "How can you really know what happened 2000 years ago?"
  • "What's the difference between Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, Krishna, Confucius, etc.?"
  • "How can we know Jesus actually, historically rose from the dead?"

Customer Reviews

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Ronald Narge

Top Ten Proofs Christianity is the Only True Religion

Donna Girolamo
Great product.

I have almost all CD’s and the latest purchases were for a friend. I love them all. the are all one needs to bolster a good debate. Most people have their beliefs based on feelings or misinformation so any part of these fact filled cd’s will get a conversation going and spark questions in those you are debating. Thanks again.

The Best!

Thank you, Bob. You continue to be my all time favorite defender of the Faith!


Not exactly what I expected, a lot of the proof seemed to be along the lines of "because the Bible says so" and I was hoping for something outside the Bible as proof. This would be a better explanation for kids (My 10 year old has asked how we know Christianity is the true religion). I've spent $15 on much worse though

Hi LP. We appreciate your comments, but feel we should respond to something you said. If you'll listen to this topic again and track the time spent on Biblical verses, you'll see that approximately 90-95% of the arguments Bob makes are not from the Bible. They are logical arguments, showing the difference between Christianity compared to other religions. The only area where the Bible must be quoted is when addressing the claims Jesus made about himself in Proof #1. Quoting the words of Jesus requires Bob to use the Bible for those quotes. Also, Proof #6 focuses on Old Testament Prophecy that Jesus fulfilled, although recorded centuries before Jesus was born. It was necessary for Bob to cite that Biblical prophecy, not to claim 'the Bible says so', but to show how the fulfilling of prophecy with 100% accuracy is just one of many proofs that sets Christianity apart. It's just not possible for Bob to reference the claims of the Bible without citing those parts of the Bible that make those claims. Again, we invite you to re-listen to all 10 Proofs, even with a stopwatch if you'd like, and you'll see that 90-95% are logical arguments rather than merely claiming the Bible is true because it says so. God bless, Top Ten Proofs