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Top Ten False Claims Given to Support Abortion - Original Classic Version

Top Ten False Claims Given to Support Abortion - Original Classic Version

Product Description

This 2 CD set addresses the 10 most common arguments given to support legalized abortion as well as the answers to refute those arguments using science, logic, history, facts, documented evidence and intellectual reasoning, but all in everyday language and simple layman's terms that are easy to understand and remember.

After listening to these CD's, you will be able to lovingly and confidently discuss the abortion issue with your friends, family and co-workers, equipped with the answers to the most common arguments they will give. As you will hear, these CDs are not an attack on women who have had abortions, regretted them, and sought forgiveness through Jesus Christ. They are forgiven. These CDs are merely a factual response to the false claims given by those who claim to be “pro-choice”.

After listening to this 2 CD Set, just some of the questions you'll be able to answer are…

  • “I'm personally opposed to abortion, but how can I force my views on other women?”
  • “Isn't abortion a Constitutionally protected issue of privacy?”
  • “But it's not fully human until viability, right?”
  • “By opposing Embryonic Stem Cell Research, aren't you anti-science and finding cures?”
  • “But what about In Vitro Fertilization?”
  • “What research proof do you have of post abortion emotional trauma?”
  • “What proof is there that abortion causes breast cancer?”
  • “Isn't Planned Parenthood just trying to help women?”
  • “What about the Plan B – Morning After Pill?”
  • “What do I need to know about Birth Control Pills?”
  • …plus many more.