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Top Ten Proofs Theistic Evolution is not Biblical - Revised & Updated

Top Ten Proofs Theistic Evolution is not Biblical - Revised & Updated

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This 2-CD Set and MP3 addresses the claim by many that God used the process of Evolution in the creation of plants, animals and mankind, often referred to as "Theistic Evolution". There are many Christians who have bought into the belief that Evolution has been proven scientifically, and so, as a result, they feel the need to twist Scripture to fit this belief.

In addition to this topic, we do also have available a 4-CD set and MP3 presenting the "Top Ten Proofs Evolution is Scientifically Impossible" which addresses the scientific evidence against Evolution. This topic however deals specifically with what the Bible says and shows how the Biblical account of Creation can not be reconciled with a belief that God used Evolution over millions of years, and is presented in simple layman's terms that are easy to understand and remember.

Some of the Biblical information you will learn is:

  • How the original Hebrew in Genesis chapter 1 proves 6 literal, 24 hour days of Creation
  • How Jesus' own words prove God didn't use Evolution
  • How the books of Isaiah and Romans also prove God did not use Evolution
  • How the accounts of Adam and Eve can not, in any way be reconciled with Evolution
  • How the days of Creation could not have been long "eons" of time
  • How a belief in Evolution waters down the authority of Scripture

You will also learn how to answer objections like:

  • "But can't you interpret Genesis 1 both ways?"
  • "But if 'a thousand years is as a day to the Lord', couldn't creation have taken billions of years?"
  • "Why does it matter if I believe God used Evolution?"
  • "But hasn't science proven Evolution true?"
  • "Maybe God didn't intend for us to read the Genesis Creation account literally, but as metaphor, allegory and poetry"
  • "Yeah, but God wasn't going to explain to Moses all the biological details of Evolutionary science"
  • “Doesn’t Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 give contradictory Creation accounts?”
  • “But Genesis isn’t supposed to be a book of science”
  • “Did God then deceptively create everything with an ‘appearance of age’?”
  • “Where did Cain’s wife come from?”
  • “Did Adam and Eve’s children commit incest?”
  • “How could Adam name all the animals in one day?”
  • “If all the animals were originally created as vegetarians, why did T-Rex and lions have sharp teeth?”
  • …and many more

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