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Top Ten Proofs Evolution is Scientifically Impossible - Revised & Updated

Top Ten Proofs Evolution is Scientifically Impossible - Revised & Updated

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This 4-CD Set and MP3 breaks down the actual scientific evidence for and against Evolution to show that Evolution not only goes against the scientific evidence, but that there is absolutely no evidence Darwinian Evolution has even taken place. Skeptics will raise their eyebrows and call that claim absurd, but you will hear for yourself in this topic over 5 hours of actual scientific evidence that is currently being left out of the school textbooks, science journals and secular media reports.

You will find out what is actually in the fossil record and see how when presented with ALL of the evidence (not just what you've been taught), it points directly to Creation, not Evolution. When you hear the whole truth about the Geologic Column, you will be amazed at what you haven't been told before and how ALL of the evidence actually points to a worldwide flood, of all things. This topic will explain fascinating facts about cave men and Neanderthals that will reveal how they were not evolutionary pre-humans, but in fact, just regular human beings. The evidence itself will show this as well as countless other scientific evidences that make Darwinian Evolution scientifically impossible to believe in.

All of this information plus a whole lot more is compiled into the Top 10 Proofs, presented in simple layman's terms and easy to understand language. You will hear the documented and verified evidence straight from the Evolutionary scientists themselves, and from their own peer-reviewed journals that completely debunk their own Evolutionary theories in the areas of Biology, Biochemistry, Geophysics, Nuclear Physics, Geology, Astronomy, Paleontology, Microbiology, and many more. These evidences are censored from the news media and school textbooks, but are all public information that anyone could look up themselves. It’s all presented right here.

Again, all of this information is presented in very easy to understand and easy to remember language so that you can be equipped with the knowledge to defend the faith like a pro.

Some of the scientific evidences you'll hear in this topic are:

  • How the Laws of Thermodynamics actually support Creation, not Evolution
  • How human design and complexity make Evolution mathematically impossible
  • The truth about the fossil record and how it supports Creation, not Evolution
  • What Evolutionists are not telling you about so-called "transitional fossils"
  • How the Cambrian invertebrate fossil beds refute Evolution and actually support a worldwide flood
  • What the Evolutionists don't want you to know about the Geologic Column
  • The dirty little secrets about radiometric dating and why it doesn't work
  • Discoveries and quotes from the world’s leading Evolutionary Scientists themselves that actually prove Biblical Creation
  • Mathematical calculations proving the impossibility of even the simplest single cell bacteria evolving
  • Recent DNA and Genetic Research Studies actually prove Biblical Creation and disprove Darwinian Evolution

Also covered in the Top 10…

  • "But what about the Cavemen? Neanderthals?"
  • "But the Creation Scientists aren't real scientists with real credentials"
  • "So why do most scientists believe in Evolution then?"
  • "But I am constantly reading that Evolution has been proven"
  • "But what about all those old fossils that they say are millions of years old?"
  • …and much more

Customer Reviews

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Larry Allen
Excellent work., lots of truthful research, a work from the heart.

Some teach there was a cavillation before Adam. That Satan existed before Adam. They can say the earth began with "void and darkness" but, that is a second earth to them. There was a flood, God judged them in darkness, and the new earth began with Adam and Eve. So there was two floods. What do you say about that. Thanks Larry I listen to your show when I'm driving