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Bob's Suggested Apologetics Starter Package - Original Classic Version

Bob's Suggested Apologetics Starter Package - Original Classic Version

Product Description

  • Perfect place to start with non-believers or skeptics
  • Perfect place for Christians to start learning the basics of defending the faith
  • Great Gift idea to equip believers and challenge non-believers

 Hi, this is Bob Dutko. For people who can't buy the Complete Set, I've been asked many times what few topics I would recommend folks start with. While all 14 topics are important in their own way, I've found these 6 address the largest and most common questions skeptics tend to ask about and doubt. Also, for Christians wanting to learn some basic evidences to defend the faith better, this is a great place to start.

Top Ten Proofs for God's Existence $15
Top Ten Proofs Christianity is the Only True Religion $15
Top Ten Proofs for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ $15
Top Ten Proofs the Bible is True $20 (2 disc set)
Top Ten Proofs Evolution is Scientifically Impossible $20 (2 disc set)
Top Ten Proofs Explaining Ghosts, UFOs and the Paranormal $20 (2 disc set)
$105 ONLY $79

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Martin B.
Starter package

Very informative and to the point. Thinking of ordering the complete set.

Michael DiGiovanni

I have not received it yet

Great information

Thanks for the work you put in to document all these topics so clearly

Lana Imm
Top ten proofs

I'm loving these CD's! I have already listened to a couple of them twice and still have new ones to open, they are that good!

Clarissa P Barge
Top Ten Proofs Starter Package.

Just amazing, fascinating, and vital information every Christian needs. Its well told, and explained in detail. It's exciting to get answers to all the difficult questions that's asked out here in society. As a foundation these CD'S will help me (anyone) into a more confident engagement when confronted by unbelievers, atheists, agnostics and skeptics.
I'm excited to continue. Thank for all you do.
Clarissa Barge