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Top Ten Proofs Dinosaurs lived with man

We have been so conditioned to believe that dinosaurs are these prehistoric beasts that lived until 65 million years ago, that if you dare suggest they went on Noah's Ark, then eventually went extinct just recently, you are laughed at for following fables instead of science. But remember, the evolutionary scientists need to convince you dinosaurs lived long before man so they can continue to sell their evolutionary theory. If dinosaurs were alive in just the last few thousand years, Darwin's Theory of Evolution goes out the window, so let's examine some little known facts about dinosaurs.

First, dinosaurs were nothing more than reptiles that continued to grow. Most people are unaware of the fact that reptiles never stop growing in size. As humans, we know that our noses and ears never stop growing, but the rest of us does. Same with mammals and most of the animal kingdom. They grow to a certain size, then stop growing. While they do get older, they don't get any bigger. This is not true, however, with reptiles, as reptiles continue to grow in size until the day they die. That's why when you see a tortoise that has lived for 100+ years, it gets to be the size of a bathtub. If a tortoise could live for 500 years, it would literally grow to be the size of a garage and would be considered nothing more than one of the many unique types of dinosaur. When we look at dinosaurs, we need to realize that they are nothing more than different types of reptiles, lizards, etc., that continued to grow in size for as long as God allowed them to live. If we remember, the Bible says that before Noah's flood, man lived to be hundreds of years old. Methuselah lived to be 969 years old. It was after the flood that God shortened the life span of man. If God allowed man to live several hundred years, it is very plausible he also allowed animals to live that long too. Remember, we know today that reptiles never stop growing in size throughout their lifetime, so think about what a Gecko or a Komodo Dragon might look like if it lived for 500 years. Can you say “dinosaur”?

Dinosaurs on Noah's Ark is actually a much simpler prospect than people assume. First, the fossil record confirms that while there were a handful of dinosaurs types that grew to the large size of the Tyrannosaurus Rex or Brachiosaurus, the overwhelming majority of dinosaurs were about the size of a sheep, approximately 3 to 5 feet in length. That wouldn't be a problem for the Ark at all, and as for the occasional larger type of dinosaur, God would have merely sent babies to Noah. Think about it. When God sent 2 elephants to Noah, do you really think God would have sent 2 massive, 12 foot tall, full grown elephants that are past their reproductive prime, or do you think maybe he would have sent a couple of babies that would eventually grow and repopulate the Earth after the flood? Common sense dictates he would have sent baby elephants and a couple of cute little baby Tyrannosaurus lizards, that, just like cute little lion cubs, would eventually one day grow into fierce and dangerous beasts.

The evidence that dinosaurs lived with man in recent history is staggering and overwhelming due to the countless artifacts, drawings, carvings, statues, mosaics and depictions throughout history of brachiosaurus, stegosaurus, plesiosaur, pterodactyl, triceratops, T-rex and more, as we document in detail later in this CD. If man didn't live with these creatures, how did artists throughout history and in cultures all over the world happen to re-create these beasts, thousands of years ago, to “coincidentally” look identical to what we see in the dinosaur books and museums today? Some may say “well they must have seen dinosaur skeletons back then too”. Not so. Here's why.

Dinosaur skeletons aren't found just lying on the ground, in tact so someone walking by can look down and see what the dinosaur looked like. The bones are separated, fragmented and embedded deep within the ground and mountains with most of them missing. Occasionally, you might find a piece of a single bone sticking out of a rock here or there, but that's all anyone in ancient history would ever have found. They would not have been able to create the image of the entire beast without the entire skeleton, yet the science of Paleontology did not develop until the early 1800's. The process of digging out and excavating dinosaur bones from rock didn't begin until then. Consequently, the first complete skeleton of a dinosaur was not constructed until the 1800's. In 1841, British Anatomist Richard Owen coined a brand new word..... “dinosaur”, from the Greek “deinos”, meaning great or terrible.....and “sauros” meaning lizard. Before 1841 the word “dinosaur” didn't exist. That doesn't mean dinosaurs didn't exist, it just means these giant reptilian creatures weren't called “dinosaurs”. They were called dragons, and dragon sightings have been documented and recorded throughout history by eyewitnesses and have been a part of legend in cultures all over the Earth from from England to China. This documentation is also presented later in this CD, but for now you need to ask yourself, if dinosaurs died out 65 million years before modern man “evolved”, and the first dinosaur skeleton was not excavated and constructed until the early 1800's, how did human artwork throughout history manage to depict several types of dinosaurs that look identical to the dinosaur depictions we see in the science books today? The answer is simple. They drew what they saw.

The “TOP 10 PROOFS DINOSAURS LIVED WITH MAN” audio CD has over an hour of evidence proving that dinosaurs did not die out 65 million years ago, but did, in fact live with man, go on Noah's Ark, and then slowly went extinct just a few centuries ago. All of the evidence presented is based on science and actual historical documentation, and is presented in simple, easy to understand language that will equip you to defend the faith like a pro.

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Top Ten Proofs Dinosaurs lived with man