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After listening to this CD, you\'ll be able to answer questions like:

  • \"Other religions think they\'re right too, so how can Christians be so sure?\"
  • \"Ultimately, don\'t all religions lead to God?\"
  • \"Other religions teach \'love your neighbor\', so aren\'t there truths found in all religions?\"
  • \"What makes you Christians think you have the ONLY truth?\"
  • \"How can you really know what happened 2000 years ago?\"
  • \"What\'s the difference between Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, Krishna, Confucius, etc.?\"
  • \"How can we know Jesus actually, historically rose from the dead?\"

This CD deals with the historical evidences for Christianity compared to other religions based on logic, history and intellectual reasoning, but in simple layman\'s terms that are easy to understand. The Top 10 Proofs for Christianity addresses questions that are often posed by skeptics and prepares you to logically answer these questions with facts and proofs that are fascinating to learn. You will learn basic apologetics and see how easy it is to defend the faith with friends, family and co-workers when you have these simple, easy to follow logical facts on your side.