Top Ten Proofs Mormonism and Jehovah's Witness are False Religions

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This 2 CD set contains one disc on the Top 5 Proofs regarding Mormonism and the other disc on the Top 5 Proofs regarding Jehovah's Witness.

On the Mormonism CD, you will learn...

  • Why Mormonism is a Cult and not Christian
  • The basics of Mormon Doctrine and how to refute it.
  • The history of Joseph Smith and how Mormonism was founded.
  • The many documented false prophecies of Joseph Smith.
  • All about the Celestial, Terrestrial, and Telestial Kingdoms of Mormonism.
  • The Biblical arguments against Mormon Doctrine.
  • Why the Jesus Christ of "Latter Day Saints" is not the same Jesus of Scripture.
  • Why the Mormon God is not the God of the Bible.
  • ...and much more.

On the Jehovah's Witness CD, you will learn...

  • Why Jehovah's Witness is a Cult and not Christian.
  • The basics of Jehovah's Witness Doctrine and how to refute it.
  • The documented false claims and prophecies of Charles Taze Russell.
  • The Biblical arguments against Jehovah's Witness teachings.
  • Why the Jesus of Jehovah's Witness is not the Jesus of Scripture.
  • The common claims of Jehovah's Witnesses and how to refute them.
  • The distortions in the Jehovah's Witness Bible and where they are.
  • ...and much more.

This 2 CD Set will teach you the history, doctrines and teachings of Mormonism and Jehovah's Witness as well as the factual and Biblical evidence to refute them, but all in simple layman's terms and everyday language that's easy to understand and remember.

After listening to these CDs, you will be ready and equipped to lovingly discuss or debate your Mormon or JW friends, family, co-workers, or even that stranger who rings your doorbell. On these CDs, you will hear that this is not an attack on people within these religions. They are, for the most part, decent people who do not know they are trapped in a Cult. They need the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, presented in love from educated Christians, ready with the answers. These CDs will get you ready.