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Some of the information contained in this CD will address:

  • Whether the Bible can be trusted as historically accurate
  • Quotes from leading historians declaring the resurrection to be true
  • "How soon after the resurrection were the Gospels written?"
  • "How can we trust the disciple's memories after 20-30 years?"
  • "Is there historical, non-Biblical evidence for the resurrection?"
  • "Couldn't the resurrection just be mythology that developed over time?"
  • "Couldn't the disciples have just been hallucinating?"
  • "Couldn't the disciples have just stolen the body then made up the story?"
  • "Maybe Jesus didn't completely die, but was just nursed back to health?"
  • Answering the "Davinci Code" claims, plus a whole lot more...

This CD addresses the historical evidences for the physical resurrection of Jesus according to logic, science, intellectual reasoning and actual historical recordings, Biblical and non-Biblical alike, but all in simple layman's terms and easy to understand language. Too often skeptics will attempt to discount the resurrection as merely a matter of faith that can not be substantiated with factual evidence. This CD will give that factual evidence and logically show that Jesus' resurrection really did happen as an actual event 2000 years ago. This CD will also address the most common arguments against the resurrection and scrutinizes them to show they are not valid arguments at all.