Top Ten Proofs for the Physical Resurrection of Jesus Christ

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One of the common tactics skeptics use to deny the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ is to say that “since none of us were there, no one can really say what happened 2000 years ago”. While there is some truth to that statement, it is an illogical argument against something having been documented in history. Here’s why. None of us were around when George Washington was President, so technically, we can’t “prove” he was President, however, if there is enough historical documentation attesting to his Presidency and corroborated historically by enough eyewitnesses, combined with absolutely no documented claims denying these facts, logic demands we accept his Presidency as historically true. To deny this would be illogical and unscientific.

The same holds true for the resurrection of Jesus and this CD certainly points out the incredible amount of historically documented accounts of his resurrection from Biblical and even non-Biblical accounts. Some people have a tendency to discount the Biblical accounts because the Bible is “just a religious book”, but that is not true. In addition to the Word of God, the Bible also happens to be a book of history, documenting by eyewitnesses the actual events of that time in history. History records from eyewitnesses that Jesus Christ actually died and then 3 days later rose from the dead and was seen by 500 men over a span of 40 days, however, there are many arguments skeptics will try to use to discount this. One of the most common is to claim the disciples merely stole the body of Jesus and hid it, then lied to people telling them he really rose from the dead. So let’s examine that one particular theory and see if stands the test of scrutiny and logic by asking a few simple questions.

Of course, other theories given by skeptics are also addressed later in this CD as well as the historical proofs from Biblical and non-Biblical sources that Jesus did, in fact, literally and physically rise from the dead.

The “TOP 10 PROOFS FOR THE PHYSICAL RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST” audio CD has over an hour of evidences for the resurrection of Jesus that you can share with your skeptical co-workers, friends and family based on science, logic, historical facts and intellectual reasoning, and of course, all in simple layman’s terms that are easy to remember and will equip you to defend the faith like a pro.